Virtual PREvent


We are now doing follow up visits and some urgent visits through virtual video visits.  A virtual experience in certain cases may take the place of an in-person visit. This could be the safest way for many in light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

Which visits are appropriate for Virtual PREvent Visits?  See FAQs below

Virtual PREvent Visits FAQs:

What are some situations that are appropriate for Virtual PREvent Visits?

  1. Routine follow-up visits
  2. Review of test results and labs.
  3. Blood pressure monitoring (as long as a home blood pressure machine is available.)

What are some situations that are NOT appropriate for Virtual PREvent Visits?

  1. New patient visits in general are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If a referring physician has recently examined you, a Virtual visit may be appropriate.  Call to discuss.
  2. New, unusual or severe symptoms that may be related to your heart.
  3. Situations where blood testing is important.

What do I need to do a Virtual PREvent Visit?

  1. A mobile smart phone with video capability, or a computer, laptop or tablet with video capability and functioning internet.  (In all cases, you should make certain that you ALLOW the device to access your camera prior to the visit.)
  2. iPhone (iOS) and Android devices can be used.
  3. A home blood pressure device.
  4. A list of your medications and allergies.
  5. Be prepared to discussed any hospital or doctor office visits you’ve had recently.

When can I schedule these Virtual visits?

  1. The Virtual visit will be done in the same time slots as an in-person visit. The office hours are the same. Call our office to schedule.  470-735-5045

Contact us to see if it is appropriate for you.  However, if you have a cough/sneeze or allergies of any type, we will help you schedule a priority appointment when symptoms resolve.

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