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We believe that people should enjoy top quality cardiac/preventive care, delivered with the highest regard to the specific needs of each person and unencumbered by the traditional barriers in medicine.  This not only affords people a healthier life but a happier, more fruitful life as well.

We think there is a better way to experience health!

The PREvent Difference


PREventClinic is a full-service cardiology practice that focuses on PREvention and the complete well-being of each person.  We are a member of the Piedmont Clinic’s integrated network, located in the city of Sandy Springs just north of downtown Atlanta.  We offer cardiac evaluations for those who want to PREvent heart and vascular disease and those who want to PREvent it from worsening.

We believe that technology, used properly, can enhance our health and the health of the environment.  PREventClinic is proud to use cost-saving technology to make your experience easier.

Our full suite of diagnostic services is also available to you á la carte.   We are also very pleased to offer counseling services, as well as wellness seminars and workshops.

Healthier, Happier.


Heart Testing

We offer labs and diagnostics to provide you with exceptional care. Ask us about á la carte testing.

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Get Screened!

Nothing is more important than your heart health. PREventClinic offers heart disease screening for men and women of all ages.

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Health comes from more than just office visits. Learn from experts, exchange ideas and gain practical knowledge at the PREventClinic Workshops/Seminars.


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